Soul Photography experience

You’re here!  I’ve been waiting for you …

There’s nothing more delicious than seeing a woman feel into here unique self, and dare to showcase it to the world.

The best photography is born of collaboration between the photographer (me) and the subject (that’s you, gorgeous). When we trust each other,  when you know I see you and you feel safe, then I can celebrate you by capturing your soul’s essence through photos.

soul photography



1. Drop me a note HERE to book a call.

2. Our first date (Zoom style): you’ll bring your favourite drink, I’ll bring mine (mint liquorice tea) and we’ll talk about your dreams, your vision and get to know each other. This is the “Do we click?” part.  I love it!

3. We’ve decided we’d like to meet (I can’t wait), so now e build the vision of our firs rendez-vous using a private Pinterest gallery. This is where we’ll start setting the tone and visual aim for your (new) brand identity.

4. You tell me ALL THE THINGS: your brand personality, your values, your soul’s archetype (yes, really) and I ask all the questions to make sure I’ve go a clear vision of your uniqueness, intention and message and your soul essence.

5. We choose a location and we get ready to meet

6. It’s Soul Photography Day!!

I can’t wait to meet and when we do, expect a big hug. In the day I’ll guide you along every step. You’ll feel safe, held and free to have fun and fully express yourself.

woman with crown and holding bone

7. Ten days later, it’ll be time to pop the champagne and celebrate because I’ll be sending you the link to review and choose your favourite photos. We’ll book a call, discover them together and talk about how you can use different shots.

More than anything, my goal is to ensure that at the end of the photo shoot you feel happy, excited and empowered. You’ll KNOW that we’ve captured the essence of your unique power and beauty, exactly as you are.

Nothing could make me happier for you.

Curious to know more? Book a call so we can get to know each other.


I have honestly not met a photographer whom I trust so completely as Abby.

Karin Bosveld ~ true wild spirit


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It’s time to come forward!

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