The new way of personal brand photography

Mar 30, 2019

Abby Wilkes Photography
Theresa’s personal brand photography the new way, she’s in her element

There is something new coming to personal branding photography. The days of posed images, that look like perfection yet tells us nothing about the person. More about what they want to look like to fit it, look and feel like others. It’s time for a change, and here comes Soul photography. Showing you unapologetically. You’re not here to be a people pleaser and look perfect, as you do know that perfection is not human, right? Yes we will still call it personal brand photography as it’s how most people know it, yet a change of the wind is coming. It’s about the soul, not perfection. So.. let me tell you a story…

It’s like everyone goes quiet (or is it me?), conversations are all but a whisper, all is out of focus except for this person, this force of energy that enters the room in the most beautiful way. Now this is what I can personal brand.

I’m not a loud person, I think I’m more an introvert than an extrovert, but when I’m drawn to speak to someone, I will and I will share with them what energetic impact they have on me and therefore on those around them.

Let me introduce Theresa Fowler, quantum mutha, energy player, author and speaker, found more information here She’s walking and talking her personal brand in my eyes.

I remember that particular day I met her in London. It was a bitterly cold day, trains had stopped running yet I was adamant about making it to London as I was hired by my amazing client, and of course, I didn’t want to let her down. The weather was so bad that I told my family that I might get stuck in London, so I will pack extra clothing in case I have to stay a night in London.

Theresa entered the room and later her friend said to her ‘This Abby, she keeps staring at you (I wasn’t aware of it). During the day I got to know Theresa better and we chatted and I told her the amazingly strong energy that flowed from her. Later she told me that she was not having a good time when we met. She was going through a tough patch and I was like ‘Gosh, if your energy is already this strong when you go through challenging times, can you imagine? It will be out of this world. Her personality and energy are as large as the Universe, yet I didn’t know that at the time.

We kept in touch. Months later we met at an international event held at a hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Part of the retreat was to have a personal branding photoshoot done by me. Every delegate had 10 minutes with me. I had an amazing 10 minutes with Theresa and although Theresa LOVED her images, I told her ‘thanks, appreciated, I like them too, yet this is not how I see you’ as we were not in the right environment to capture her personality and energy. I told her I saw her bold, strong and wild and we needed nature, wild waters and lots of green. All I said was ‘Just wait, trust the flow’. ‘When the time is right, we will meet again’.

Four months later we happened to be at the same event, see the flow? We chatted and she said ‘I’m going to Bali!’ I wouldn’t even let her finish her sentence. ‘I’m coming too!’ This was said without any hesitation.

What happened next, was an amazing adventure we had in Bali 6 months later. Check out my other article on Bali, coming soon.


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