Now more than ever!

Mar 1, 2021

Pretty pictures, stunning fonts and a logo that blow your mind. If only that would suffice, right?

Now more than ever, you need to show a greater sense of understanding and be here to make people’s lives better and be aligned, in business being you and show this visually.

There’s so much going on in the social world around us. So much noise, so much ‘do it’, ‘be that’, ‘sell this’.

Because of all the changes that have been happening in the world, because let’s be honest, plans, dreams, jobs have changed and this means that we need to change too.

The ‘look at me’ approach is fading fast, we’ve learnt that it goes much deeper. We’re talking about depth and connection with the people we want to be with, work with and serve. As that’s how we get the best out of each other. To encourage, trust, communicate as this creates mutual respect, deeper connections and opportunities.


Listen to what your people are saying and speak to them in a way that’s you, nothing else but you. Not what you think you should say, we’re talking about total integrity here ‘while putting my hand on my heart’; you talk from the heart.

Everyone has pain points; how they feel about themselves, it can be doubt, self-worth, and what their soul purpose is, maybe they’ve found it, maybe they’re almost their and your support might get them there. Let’s listen to them carefully before presenting them with solutions, as your service, product might require a little tweaking.

Serve your tribe

OK, I’ll be the one to tell you; your brand, your personal brand, is not just about you, it’s more about the people that you serve.

You are here to make a meaningful difference to the world. It’s not about how perfect you look in pictures and whether your out fit is the perfect colour with your brand colour. It’s a nice to have but it’s not what it’s all about.

How do you connect with your people?

Why would they work with you? What makes you so different from the other experts in the industry?

It’s time to get more open

We all know that it’s time to be more open and dare to be more vulnerable.

The time of the ‘picture perfect’ imagery on Instagram and social media of ‘look at me’ is over. I won’t apologise, it’s fact.

It’s not the words I’m talking about, it’s the imagery too. It’s more important than ever that your images match your content.

It’s not about perfection, it’s the soul. It’s how you are in real life.

Maybe you are challenged with making it aligned, the words and the imagery.  That’s the beauty when working with people who get you. You’ll feel safe showing the emotions of being happy, playful, thoughtful and vulnerable.  If you want your client to be vulnerable you need to show up too as a woman who truly, deeply cares.

Another reason why it’s so important to deeply connect with your clients which means you will have to share your story when appropriate; how else can you relate to their issue?

So.. coming back to photography

All the above is an integral part of deep, meaningful photography.

  • It’s ALL about the connection with your tribe
  • Truly listen to their stories and adjust your offerings slightly where needed to fully serve them
  • Relay back to them what they told you so you show them you understand and get them
  • It’s not about you, it’s about your client and your tribe. Imagery is such an important part of this; not the part of looking different, seemingly perfect, but the part that shows you in the best possible way and therefore resonate with your tribe

This is just a small part of the experience of how to express yourself as you and totally own and celebrate what makes you so unique.

I celebrate you.


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