The journey to Soul Photography

Jun 1, 2020

Here I am, 4 years old, holding my dad’s camera case.

Unbeknown to me until much later in life, photography was going to play a huge part in my life. And not just photography, seeing people’s souls. I wondered from a young age why people were so serious and uncomfortable in front of the camera.

My dad always asked ‘why do you always have to be the clown when I take a photo?’ I remember so well thinking ‘well, someone has to lighten up.’ And that’s when I was 6..In my teens, I understood what it meant to be self-conscious and awkward being in front of the camera and that’s when my love for photography started.

To help people, to help them feel more comfortable when being photographed and most of all, being themselves in a beautiful, often untamed, way.

Over the years this has brought me to soul photography. From a young age, I’ve been curious from ‘There must be more’ to ‘Why is this?’ and would drive my parents nuts, haha.

I still have that deep curiosity and it’s one of the reasons why I fall in love with every single client energetically who is ready to show themselves in their soul fuelled power. I want to know what makes my client’s soul sing. This is what will light you up and I’m here to capture this beautiful magic. In this magic, you resonate with your clients, visually and energetically.

Want to know more? I’ve got some great juicy soul questions for you, to align you visually with your soul.DM me, I’m looking forward to connecting with you.


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