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If you’ve got any questions, I’m here for you! No question is too outrageous!

Below are frequently asked questions. If your question is not there, click on the link and hit me with your question!

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The Soul Photographer


It’s time!


It’s time to come forward!


Your gifts are needed in the world. What are you waiting for?


Because everyone is unique, your soul experience is truly tailored to your needs. If you need help deciding, please get in touch(*) to book your free, no-obligation hello call.







  • A 90-minute heart to heart consultation with me to dive deep into your soul purpose, your business, dreams and more!
  • A private online creative hub, just for you and me to share ideas, inspiration and images.
  • Specially selected settings explored ahead of your photoshoot
  • A relaxed and playful day of photography, capturing you in several styles and locations
  • A private online proofing gallery with 200+ images (all yours!) and I will help you select your images for editing
  • 30 authentic, professionally edited images, ready to be infused with your brand, social media, website and ready to be unleashed onto the world
  • Unlimited email support


Length of shoot, approximately 4 hours 

Your investment 










Do you want to add some delicious extras? 

* hair & make-up artist

Look and feel your absolute best, enhancing your beauty in a natural way with these handpicked and friendly professional women. 

* personal stylist 

Get advice on how to look your best by a personal stylist who ‘gets’ you and actually listens to you and is not here to change you? You can book a Zoom call or book an ‘in person’ call

* Private hire of venue/Airbnb

Choose a location where you can do and be whatever you would like without feeling awkward, drawing the attention too much. Take your pick!

 * graphic banners

Your image with your logo and or message across the platforms YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook)

* Private driver

If you want the luxury to be driven around from location to location, leave bags in the car, this is an obvious choice

* Jewellery & Costume Hire

Do you have something more dramatic in mind? Love it! It can be for your brand, it doesn’t have to be. What if it’s for you? Yes, just for you! Let’s have a play with epic props and costumers, no boundaries…

* More or less? 

Not sure whether the package is too much, not enough. Do you want two 3 hours shoots split over two days in two locations or new fewer images? I sometimes offer these so why don’t you contact me to see how I can serve you?

The Soul Photographer

are you


How far ahead do I need to book you?

My photo shoots are usually booked between 2 months and 10 months ahead.  Occasionally they reschedule so why don’t you send me a message and let’s see how I can help you.

Do you only do international photo shoots?

Great question!

I’m very grateful that I’m flown all over the world by my clients for photoshoots.

I travel all over the UK. Do you want to have that dreamy feel to your images? Well, let’s get creative, with a little bit of research, you’ll be surprised how many nice places there are near you. Let’s find out!

You can meet me in a city worldwide, where I’m doing a photo shoot. 

If you have a specific location on your mood board, send me a message and when I’m planning of going there I will let you know.

Do you have a crazy idea? Run it by me! I love brainstorming how to make it happen, and it doesn’t always have to be an exotic location!

How do I know what to wear, how it fits my brand and what if I don't like wearing much make-up?

Another great question.

I’m here to walk you through every step of the experience, from choosing what to wear, the locations and make sure you have the right photos for your website and even hand-picking a hair and make-up artist if you so wish.

Most importantly I want you to be comfortable.

It’s not about what you think you’re ‘suppose’ to look like.  It’s the opposite, now more than ever I want you to show up as YOU. Let’s have a chat about this how I can serve you.

Do you accept payment plan?


I can set up a payment plan where you can pay in instalments as long as you’ve paid in full at least two weeks before your photoshoot. 

How do I book?

You just click on the link above to send in your GBP500 deposit and we’ll start your soul experience.

I’m so looking forward to it! 

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Are you ready?

Your next steps are

1. Send me a message 

2. You pay your deposit of £500

3. We set up our heart to heart consultation

4. Get ready for your soulful photo experience!